I’ve been having the discussion of starting a blog for the past 10 years. Quite honestly, I started approximately 4 blogs between 2009 & 2011. The blogs did not get a chance to mature due to my lack of interest and drive- initially I had more than enough time; I had a full time job, I was single, I had no children, one store credit card, basic cell phone/ plan and, still lived with mommy. This would have been the perfect time to maintain a blog. The latter blogs came when I had time, not more than enough but still time; I was a new bride and mother of multiples, no ‘job’, I simply stayed home all day nurturing babies, tending to the house, cooking meals, browsing the web, watching TV and the occasional sex with my husband. Fast forward to today, year 2017 when, after a near death experience involving my best friend and me sitting on the couch of multiple shrinks, we decided that my healing process begins with me being an anonymous blogger.
My confliction with maintaining a blog was with honesty and accommodation. For me to be fully involved and interested in keeping a blog, I’d have to be brutally honest. I’d have to be able to speak things as they are without worrying about how people, (wether friends or family) would take to it. I’ve come across many blog post where the owner edits the truth for the sake of their critics. I don’t agree with that but, to each their own. I have forcibly suppressed emotions caused by traumatic events that occurred in my life for the sake of everyone in my life. What that caused was never ending anger and resentment to everything and everyone I’ve made physical contact with. I realized that while trying to protect everyone’s feeling, I completely neglected mine. My family suffers from my lack of dealing with abuse. ‘Friendships’ that I know would’ve been beneficial to my healing destroyed because of my inability to deal with monstrous events I endured as a child.

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